Trireme (Greek)
Greek Warship Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Attack Range26
Splash Area1
Hit Points750
Sight Range31
Train Time25 s.
Food 0 Wood 150 Gold 100 Population 3
Armor vs. ranged0.5
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The Trireme is a Greek Naval Unit in Age of Empires Online.

Overview Edit

  • A combat class vessel, the Trireme brings its full weight to bear when engaging enemies.

Equipment Slots Edit



The Trireme was the backbone of every ancient Greek navy due to it's mobility on the Mediterranean and it's strength in combat. In Greek naval battles the ships would try to ram into each other or boarding actions were undertaken by on board (Epibatai) marines. In each trireme there would be 4-5 archers and 10+ hoplites who would board the opposing ships with grappling hooks to destabilized the other ship in hand to hand combat.


  • With the right timing, one can dodge the Trireme's attack.