• Alarico Castro


    August 21, 2013 by Alarico Castro

    So have you heard?

    No more AoEO after July 1, 2014.

    Also, GFWL is finally croaking in a day or two 8/22. So that means no more new players and no purchasing in-game content. The only way to get in-game content would be by earning EP through the Alliance Wars.

    I wonder how many alliance members are now at my contribution level? The only AP I earn is by donating a few stacks of rare materials once a week - 6 stacks usually gets 17 or 18 EP - a little less on Marathon.

    Anyway, the end of production was the beginning of the end so now, is this the middle of the end?

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  • Alarico Castro

    So I have been working my way through the Egyptian Campaign again. I skipped this side quest line:

    Now I'm wondering whether or not it belongs in the Main Campaign.

    Arguments for Main Campaign:

    • There is not enough XP in the Main Campaign for L19 otherwise.
    • The story remains partially incomplete without conquering Nubia.

    Arguments against Main Campaign:

    • This quest line is not required to advance the story toward "Vizier's Doom."
      • This is the big one. If it's not required in the Main Story Line leading up to the finale, then can it be considered part of the Main Campaign? Isn't that the very definition of Side Story Quest?
    • This quest line does not follow the main character, Sesotr…
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