So I have been working my way through the Egyptian Campaign again. I skipped this side quest line:

Now I'm wondering whether or not it belongs in the Main Campaign.

Arguments for Main Campaign:

  • There is not enough XP in the Main Campaign for L19 otherwise.
  • The story remains partially incomplete without conquering Nubia.

Arguments against Main Campaign:

  • This quest line is not required to advance the story toward "Vizier's Doom."
    • This is the big one. If it's not required in the Main Story Line leading up to the finale, then can it be considered part of the Main Campaign? Isn't that the very definition of Side Story Quest?
  • This quest line does not follow the main character, Sesotris. The Quest Giver is a side story character. Once the Vizier starts raising gold for his coup, the story stops being about Nubia and broadens to include the fate of Egypt.
  • XP can't be used as an evaluation metric for the Main Campaign. There is technically enough XP in the repeatable quests to level all the way to 40 if you want to grind it out. In fact, I grew weary of 12 kingdoms and at about level 32 I just Traded for Giza Limestone all the way to 40. This time I played the minimum number of quests to get to Vizier's Doom and ended up level 17. A couple of repeatables or side story lines would get me to 19 and into Argos.

We'll see if this blog post garners any attention or discussion. At the moment, it seems the Chafre quest line should be moved to Side Story quests.

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