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    Interviewer: Billiamfeng (Marathon)

    I got the amazing opportunity to interview sG Zuta yesterday, after the release of the Anniversary Patch. As one of the oldest players on Age of Empires Online, Zuta is a former member of the Balance Team. This staff-selected group of players help balance competitive gameplay by looking into statistical flaws.

    A strong competitive player, sG Zuta reaches out to the community by posting on the forums, streaming his gameplay, and making tutorials and commentaries on YouTube.

    You can check out his useful YouTube videos here!

    And you can check out his streams on here!

    Question: First question! Because PvP rankings have reset after the patch, have you to get ranked?

    Zuta: Not at the moment, haven't played any ra…

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    It has now been confirmed. We're finally able to throw that silly "Annies" name out the door. The new civilization will be the Babylonians. The new booster quest pack will be named the "Fertile Crescent" booster. Check the source link at the bottom of the page for the showcase video!

    "Age of Empires Online developer Gas Powered Games has revealed its upcoming pro civilization Babylon along with the Fertile Crescent booster pack in an exclusive Eurogamer interview.

    Both the Babylon civ and the Fertile Crescent are due on 16th August to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. Babylon will cost 900 Empire Points, the in-game currency, while the

    booster pack will cost 450.

    Gas Powered Games described the Babylonians as a "very economics focused…

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    July 31, 2012 by Billiamfeng

    Hello my friends, I come from the faraway land of America to wreak havoc on the AOEO wiki with my ravenous appetite of pseudo-grammar nazi psyche and strive to make horrifically good quality articles. I'll be around mostly patching up holes in articles and adding the complete content of the game into the wiki for the best learning experience a player can get from this wiki.

    See you guys around!

    Feng277394 (talk) 11:04, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

    (aka: Billiamfeng on Marathon)

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