• BombasticLegacy

    After lots of behind-the-scenes work, the 1st annual Legacy Tournament will actually happen!


    July 27 19:00 GMT +1 (I am a lazy copy cat if you know what I mean) 

    Where will it be streamed?

    How can I join? 

    Just say "sign me up" on the official thread and your name will be added to the tournament brackets. Anyone, any level, anywhere can join, but please remember no smurfs, stream cheating and NO ENTRY FEE :) 


    1st place $600,000

    2nd place $200,000

    3rd place $150,000

    4th place $50,000

    How can I be a winner even if I don't compete? 

    You can make sponsorships or promotions of yourself; read sponsorship thread;


    Many of the rules for the tour…

    Read more >

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