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  • I live in Mandeville
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is Shop Owner
  • I am Male
  • CheetahCurtis

    I played a Player vs Player match yesterday. It is actually very fun but you havr to get your tactics right to be good at it. If you haven't played before then get lots of villagers at the start to get resources fast then go for troops after. Remember to use your scout. I didn't use this tactic but my opponent(who beat me) did this and I do this to complete quests faster.

    Co-Op Mission

    I have also done a co-op mission with my friend. Co-op is like doing a normal mission but your team-mate will get a small village to start with. They can help out but they dont get experience from completing quests. Nice because I got the experience!!!

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  • CheetahCurtis

    I wil lsoon be able to do Player vs Player. One of my friends is on the Age of Empires Beta so hopefully I will be able to play against them soon. But they are Level 2 and they don't have an Arean yet so I will have to wait. If any of you want to play then just say.

    Actual Game

    I am wondering when the actual game will come up, probably in a few months but the game will be a big success and I think that they will bring it up in a full game. I love going for achievements on games so I am wondering what achievments there will be.

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  • CheetahCurtis

    Epic Wikia

    May 2, 2011 by CheetahCurtis

    I want this wikia to be full of many stats and information. I am going to try to contribute to this wikia every day this week. Hopefully I can do that. I made an EXP Points page which I am hoping that more people can add onto. Anyway I am still Ranked 3 on this wikia. I'm going to try to get up.

    Age of Playing

    I am still playing Age of Empires Online, no surprises I hope, I want to complete as much as I can, have a look at the game and stuff. I'm getting better at it. I still want to do multiplayer though.

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  • CheetahCurtis

    Not Bad

    May 1, 2011 by CheetahCurtis

    The game is not bad so far, but I guess they haven't added everything into the game yet. I have only tried the single player features though so i'm looking forward to playing with someone else. If you want to play with me then tell me, I will if you are on at the same time as me. Done a few quests so far, still getting used to the game though, but may be in a few days.

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  • CheetahCurtis

    Age Of Empires Online?

    I am downloading Age of Empires online as I type this down onto my computer, I am not sure how well this could be but I'm hoping that it turns out great. Maybe I will be one of the best players on the game when they release the full game. When my version of the beta downloads I will be looking at tactics and stats in the game to get me a headstart. And I will share some with you if you keep on visiting my blog. Well that will come tommorrow as it takes a long time to download.

    MMO RTS Games

    I have past experience with MMO RTS games(Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Games) but I can never be the best which is why i'm trying out this game. But more to come on that in a future blog post.

    Cya, until my next post! …

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