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    Items for sale

    September 4, 2012 by Destroyerkhaos

    My Micosoft live account is Salablesquid927.

    Common:Animal hides stack x2, grain stackx2, net maker aepep,and warlord vercingtorix.

    Uncommon:oak planks stack x4, work tools stack x4, Bronze ingots stackx1, wool cloth stackx2, scrolls of lore stack x4, olive oil stack x1, garnets stack x2, royal guard zhubin, and archer sergent timon.

    Rare:Spices stack x5,large greek residence, large egyptian residence, large persian residence, large celtic residence x4, Grand master deverell, Seed-master agrape, rockhound erastos, Obsidian-inlaid belt x42 normal, x5 -8.1 cost, x7-8.2 cost, x3- 8x3 cost..

    Epic:Repersiatory x2,Lotastuffopolis x2, Boudicas bounty, Phlosopher stones stack x2, artic fox furs stack x2, taranis visuage of vanquaging(16.4 attack) Kard…

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