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  • ElitistBody841

    We mark this date: June 23, 2013.

    Hello fellow visitors, we have finally finished the Fertile Crescent Quests and the Skirmish Quests. Let's give those editors a big round of applause!

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  • ElitistBody841

    We mark this date: May 31, 2013.

    Hello fellow visitors, due to your huge choice of Fertile Crescent updating. You got it! We're working on it right now.

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  • ElitistBody841

    Community Challenge 5/15 Sign-Ups

    Hello, weekend warriors! Get ready for a fight to the death in the Spartan Arena for this week’s Community Challenge. Sign up for your chance at prizes and e-glory as you play live on stream!

    This Wednesday, May 13th at 11 AM Pacific (GMT-7), we will be streaming and casting your PvP games live on our Twitch channel! We’ll stream four 1v1s and one 2v2, so make sure to specify which you’d like to play in.

    Winners will receive their choice of 900 EP or a set of seasonal vanity gear, and their defeated opponents receive 100 EP. Both get unique forum tags.

    Sign up to play in this week’s Community Challenge here:

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  • ElitistBody841

    Community Highlight – Reviving the AoEO Fan Wikia



    Hey, AoEO fans! It’s another Sunday and another, hopefully awesome, weekend with lots of great matches and successful quest completions is coming to an end. If you spent some time in the forums during the past few days, you may have noticed a thread that, I feel, deserves more attention.

    ElitistBody841 posted a call for action to anyone out there who wants to contribute to the unofficial AoEO Wikia, a website that has a lot of very useful, but, unfortunately, partially outdated information. If you have some time to spare and feel that this handy conglomeration of information deserves a revival, go ahead and participate in its update!

    Let’s hear it from ElitistBody841 hims…

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  • ElitistBody841

    Testing, 1, 2, 3.

    April 24, 2013 by ElitistBody841

    This is a test, and if this works, I pissed off smiley. :)

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