Community Highlight – Reviving the AoEO Fan Wikia



Hey, AoEO fans! It’s another Sunday and another, hopefully awesome, weekend with lots of great matches and successful quest completions is coming to an end. If you spent some time in the forums during the past few days, you may have noticed a thread that, I feel, deserves more attention.

ElitistBody841 posted a call for action to anyone out there who wants to contribute to the unofficial AoEO Wikia, a website that has a lot of very useful, but, unfortunately, partially outdated information. If you have some time to spare and feel that this handy conglomeration of information deserves a revival, go ahead and participate in its update!

Let’s hear it from ElitistBody841 himself:

Brothers of Marathon! Brothers of Athens Brothers of Alexandria, Brothers of every other realms!

Today is our time, that before we need YOUR help in contributing to the wikia! Most of our articles are outdated even dating back to 2011! More or so, new people are still coming to this game, taking an interest perhaps, but when they look at the Wikia and see how disgusted it looks, they might leave! Some of these new people might be people who purchase empire points! But I am cleaning this wikia up and with updated feed, but I can't do by myself, I also need your help! So help contribute to the Wikia! Register now in the Wikia and help update and clean this wikia! Remember, if you need help, please contact one of the admins or me! So, help now!

If you want to find out more or want to see what changes have already been made, jump in the thread:

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