"Hello World"

This is Kaz gain, so here I am with a new project in mind, right now there is no visitor in the Wiki, well at least no one that make edits. But then again this was the same situation I was when I started the League of Legends Wiki! and now it is a big wiki with more prospects of growing!

So here I am as the Bureaucrat & the only Administrator on this wiki, for the moment. The Plan for the week that began today is the following:

  • Create pages for the items (Weapons, Robes, Armor, etc.) that its knowledgeable.
  • Add all the images, specially those items squares and take some from the videos released.
  • Get in the Beta!

So this is the first post from the current blog series. If anyone has the opportunity to read this Blog post I appreciate if you could leave a comment in the section below. So that's all.

Kaz out!

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