Ian Vogel (a.k.a. Lobo2k6) has commented on the October Updates and November Notes:

Quoted from Ian Vogel[1]:

October Update

Hi Everybody,

Here’s a quick look at some of the things we’re planning in October, and some hints at November.

Persia is Coming!
  • Begin play with a level 20 character.
  • Immediate access to higher level content.
  • Immediate access to ranked and unranked PvP.
  • Access to a full new tech tree and unit roster that includes special units like:
    • The Immortal, effective against infantry at short range but can also shoot arrows from afar.
    • The Sparabara, a shielded infantry unit capable of withstanding ranged weaponry.
    • The War Wagon, an impressive war machine able to destroy enemies with volleys of arrows.
  • Also, Persia is a great addition to complement your current Greek and Egyptian civilizations. By owning more than 1 civilization, you will also receive an extra unit, the Golden Hippikon.
  • For those who want to try the Persians before purchasing, we have created a demo quest that lets you play as if you were a fully unlocked Persian player with the chance to try all Persian units and upgrades.

Keep in mind, the Persians have all custom units, a new tech tree, and all unique architecture, so they require a different approach to play.

We’ve also been playtesting them hard against Egyptians and Greeks in PvP. These guys are coming in October!

Improved Co-op Rewards
  • We now grant empire points to co-op players who help out on quests for which they are not currently on themselves.
  • Guardian Treasures are now awarded to all players on a given team, if they are still active in the quest.

The short-term additions for PvP include:

  • PvP will now support 4 player Free-For-All (Unranked)
  • Ranked PvP is now available starting at level 20 (was level 25)

What's next in November and beyond?

Skirmish, baby, Skirmish. This is coming, and it’s a lot of fun. Customize your battlefield! Choose enemies, as well as allies, resources, map size, etc.

The big PvP change we’re making is trying to get Equalized PvP in by November. We call it Champion mode. In this model, Gear still looks cool on you, but for Ranked competition, Gear stats are removed, and all players have the same starting tech tree and units.

Diff Patching

This one’s tricky but we hope to have something for you soon so that patches aren’t always 2 Gigs, and only patch what you need.

Quest Sharing

This improvement allows players who match the eligibility requires of a quest to "auto-accept" on receiving the quest, which then allows them to turn it in to get its rewards


Coming soon, they play a lot differently than our other civs, and you can see them in action soon. We’ll have more specifics for the Celts in a separate future thread.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. October Updates and November Notes at

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