Ian Vogel (a.k.a. Lobo2k6) has commented on the Persia updates, and a few others:

Quoted from Ian Vogel[1]:

Hi everyone,

We wanted to update you on Persia one more time, since it’s coming next week!

Our goal when we started Persians many months ago was to give experienced players access to higher level content, and allow advanced players to jump right into the thick of things, including exploring Argos, gathering higher level gear, conquering Crete, and getting to Cyprus quicker, among other things.

  • Persia starts immediately at level 20 with access to the entire tech tree, and pre-equipped with gear for all units.
  • This is special Gear that cannot be traded; it gives players a good starting suite of Gear right out of the gate.
  • Also, because Persian players begin at level 20, they will be able to quickly begin acquiring higher level rewards, through Argos, Crete, Cyprus, and Sparta.
  • We also give players a few Advisors as you do the first few quests, and as always, some starting special rewards.
  • Access to a full new tech tree and unit roster that includes special units like:
    • The Immortal, effective against infantry at short range but can also shoot arrows from afar.
    • The Sparabara, a shielded infantry unit capable of withstanding ranged weaponry.
    • The War Wagon, an impressive war machine able to destroy enemies with volleys of arrows.
    • Persians also have access to several toggle techs from their War Academy. These technologies have benefits and drawbacks and can be turned on and off in the midst of battle.
    • New to the Persians is the Aid Tent. This new upgrade allows the storehouse to heal nearby units helping the Persians protect villagers and maintain map control over their opponents.
  • Persian players begin with access to unranked and ranked PvP.
  • Persia is a great addition to complement your current Greek and Egyptian civilizations. By owning more than 1 civilization, you will also receive an extra unit, the Golden Hippikon.
  • Persia will be on sale for a limited time starting next week!

So, we have a really fun new Civ that we think players will enjoy. With all the new art, units, tech tree, and advisors, players will have something very different and new to dive into.

We are starting to create new videos as well, so we’ll have a video for you to check out that describes the Persians, as well as a free demo quest that shows some of the coolest aspects of Persia.

We wanted to clarify one thing: Persia won’t have a story campaign, since our goal was to get players access to high level content quickly. We’d love to create some Persian story content later, since that culture has an amazing history, but for this launch, we wanted to focus on a way to accelerate advanced players into gameplay.

We have created new quests for Persia in which you can gear up and find materials fairly quickly. Since these quests are repeatables, players can try out all of their units and experiment with different tech tree setups and in-game strategies as they like.

We are also planning on a significant sale and a new bundle soon for Persia. Persia should be out October 18th.

As always, we are excited to share this new content with you, and remember, we’re working on a host of other things for November and December, like Champion mode, launcher updates, differential patching (this means smaller, incremental patches!), and other things. We’ll talk about those details more next week.

Have a great weekend!



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