Before the bog announcement there were a lot of hints pointing to the third civilization. Actually many of us already knew that.

How can we knew of this? Well I don't know about everyone but I suppose they recieve their info the same way I did, lurking into the data files of the game! My intention was to extract the "strings" of the quests so I could fill them in the respective quotes section. But I found a lot of stuff for example I was able to see the advisor names and what they were able to do. That was a relief since some of the advisors were missing and I could write the exact thing they do and the percentages.

But my surprise came in when I had 54 advisors accounted for, while another 24 where nowhere to be found. They had only a "weird" name that didn't fit with either the Egyptians, nor the Greeks. So I dig a little bit more and I found that this were advisors from another civ, that civ also was present in the quests part of the data, and in the civilizations. So this was pretty obvious, the Celtic were the third civilization.

I went further and start digging what i could from that civilization, and I started to compile here that information:

New Buildings
New Units
Unique Units

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