Ian Vogel (a.k.a. Lobo2k6) has commented on the Weekly Update Pre Halloween :

Quoted from Ian Vogel[1]:

Hi everyone,

We have some cool things coming in the next few weeks, and we wanted to take a minute to quickly outline some specifics and how they apply to both free-to-play and Premium players.

Skirmish (November)
  • This is a brand new Booster launching in November- it’s turned out great and we’re excited to get it to you
  • Before purchasing, players will be able to see all of the different customizable settings and even play a pre-set demo level, and really get a sense of what’s in the booster
  • Once purchased, players get access to all the knobs and whistles, including starting maps, map sizes, number of allies and enemies, difficulty levels, AI personality types, etc
  • Rewards are based on the different settings the player selects. For better rewards, more challenging settings will be required. You get a mixture of Coin, XP, Treasure Chests, and Empire Points
  • Players of all levels will be able to dive in immediately and have access to nearly all units for their civilization when playing in the Skirmish Hall.
    • The units in the Tech Tree are all unlocked, no matter what player level you may be.
    • The upgrades in the Tech Tree still require that you have spent points at your Capital City Palace.
    • Even level 1 players will have access to all four Ages, and all of the units that come with those ages.
  • We will have a bundle for it, and possibly a sale promotion as well.
Champion Mode (November)
  • Champion Mode has arrived for Ranked PvP and the Arena!
  • This is available at no cost to Premium players.
  • For Sparta, all Ranked PvP will now use Champion Mode, and will be available as early as player level 1.
  • In Champion Mode:
    • Gear stats are ignored (But your units will still be able to show off the cool looking gear you are sporting).
    • The Tech Tree is completely unlocked, even if players are level one, soeveryone starts on the same playing field.
  • For the Arena, premium civilization owners will be able to host matches in Champion Mode.
    • Free players can join and try out this new mode.
    • Player who want test Champion Mode before playing Ranked matches can use the arena to test their strategies with their friends.
4 Player FFA (November)
  • 4xFFA is now available in Sparta at no cost
  • 4xFFA is Unranked/ Standard PvP
2v2 Party Matchmaking (December)
  • All players will be able to find 2v2 PvP matches with friends
  • Free-to-play players matching together will be able to play Unranked PvP
  • Premium players can play Unranked or Ranked PvP
  • Premium players can invite free-to-play players to Ranked PvP
  • The 2v2 Leaderboards will not change at this point in time; however, free-to-play players who play Ranked 2v2 with premium players will be able to write to the 2v2 Leaderboard.
Celts (December)
  • This is a brand new, full premium civilization.
  • New story quests, new units, new Tech Tree, new maps, new regions, new gear, new advisors, new everything!
  • Free-to-play players, as always, can play all of the new quests and see all the new content.
  • When purchased, Celtic players will have full access to Star Techs, gear, Advisors, crafting content, workshops, inventory space, etc…
  • Woad Raiders for the win!
Future Bundles (ongoing)
  • We are continuing to look at bundles with great value for everyone, and should have new ones in Nov and Dec as we launch Skirmish and Celts, etc

As you can see, we’ll have plenty of new things in time for the holidays.

Thanks, and have a great Halloween everyone!



  1. Weekly Update Pre Halloween at

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