• Late Rental

    Hello everybody!

    August 25, 2012 by Late Rental

    Hi everybody, I am sad to inform you that I will be stepping down as an admin on this site but I think this is the best decision for myself and my fiancee at this time in my life. We moved into a new apartment and I'll be starting my new fulltime job soon so I won't have the proper time for this wiki. I've had a blast working with all of you talented wiki editors! I hope that this wiki continues to grow and grow and becomes the most complete and extensive resource for AoEo players. Best of luck and as always have fun with it! :) bye

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  • Late Rental

    Hi folks. I'm back(all be it a little less active). For some reason I cannot respond to messages on my wall but I can reply to blogs. So if you could please leave me any messages here so I can respond when I have a chance.

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  • Late Rental

    Great news fellow AoEO players,

    On August 16, 2012 we can expect a new update to be released. They are being pretty hush-hush with details but have released some interesting news about new features

    • .A new Pro civ will be released, Codename: Annies (900 Empire Points)
    • New Booster—a Quest Pack to get from roughly from lv 20 to lv 30 (450 Empire Points)
    • Milestone Rewards-- Example: if you hit level 20 in celtic(any civ really) you can pick a buff and keep that for any other civ that you use. This will be a incentive to actually level up all of your civs to get all four of their bonuses.
    • New Vanity Gear.
    • New Empire Consumables.
    • Secondary objectives for nearly all repeatable quests with additional rewards.
    • Golden Ticket drop for high quality chests
    • Vani…
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  • Late Rental

    Thought I would update you guys as to were I've been. My summer classes started up and it's kept me busier than I'd like. I haven't had time for anything fun in my life including this wiki. I'll be back the day after my last class which is the 27th. I miss all of you and eagerly look forward to working together again. :)

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  • Late Rental

    For "advanced users" goto C:\Program Files (x)\Steam\steamapps\common\age of empires online and skip reading anything else in Step 1

    For "novice users" follow the below instructions: First, click the "Start" button: .

    Second, click on "Computer"

    Third, click on your C:\ drive

    Fourth, go into Program Files OR Program Files (x86), if there is a folder called "Steam" inside then you are in the right place, if not check the other Program Files folder.

    By now I figure you won't need images to navigate windows, So I will no longer add images.

    Fifth, go to steamapps

    Sixth, go to common

    Seventh, go to age of empires online

    Finally, congrats! you've made it to where your computer stores AoEo's game data.

    Easy, but a long process.

    First, download & install Dra…

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