I'd like to encourage all of the editors and even those of you who haven't made a single edit ever to join us on release day. We need your help in posting all the new information that will be released! I will personally buy the user who does the most productive edits 1 civilization pack gifted through steam and 1 booster pack gifted through steam. Or if you choose I can gift you $15 over steam so you may use that money to buy another game. The amount of prizes/prize money may go up if we get a high volume of participants. The release of the update is 6/15/12 and the contest begins when the update is playable and has a whole day to be out.


  1. The winner must have a Steam account and be able to accept gifts.
  2. Since there is no scientific measurement to measure productive edits, I will be judging arbitrarily by my own opinion of what a productive edit is. An example of non-productive edits would be editing the same page 1000 times to boost your edit count without adding any meaningful information.
  3. Requirements may change at any time without notice.
  4. Contest day/Contest time consist of the time from which the update has had a full day to be out and when that day ends. According to the Central American Timezone (UTC-6).
  5. Presumably the user with the highest productive edit count will be the winner. Content of edits will be taken into consideration. Examples; a user makes very productive edits like filling in an entire equipment category (adding 50+ items to one page), a user adds an entire stores worth of information (20+ items), or a user does any other form of high content edits. In theory a user who does 100 edits adding 1 word would be overlooked by a user that does 10 edits that add 100 words per page.
  6. If possible please leave a comment like "I'm in." on this page so that I know which users to watch on contest day.


  1. Your award will be gifted the day after the contest day.
  2. If the winner fails to respond within a day of being notified he/she is no longer eligible and is forfeit from the contest. The reward is given to the second place winner if the first place winner is forfeit or ineligible. Each person will be given 1 day to respond and if there is no response the reward will be passed down to the next winner or until 5 days has passed since the initial award being planned to be given out, in which-case the reward is lost and the contest is over.
  3. If a winner responses that they do not want the prize then the prize is passed on to the next winner.
  4. Prize(s) will be given based on American dollars and there will be no consideration for exchange rates to Euro or and other form of currency.

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