Great news fellow AoEO players,

On August 16, 2012 we can expect a new update to be released. They are being pretty hush-hush with details but have released some interesting news about new features

  • .A new Pro civ will be released, Codename: Annies (900 Empire Points)
  • New Booster—a Quest Pack to get from roughly from lv 20 to lv 30 (450 Empire Points)
  • Milestone Rewards-- Example: if you hit level 20 in celtic(any civ really) you can pick a buff and keep that for any other civ that you use. This will be a incentive to actually level up all of your civs to get all four of their bonuses.
  • New Vanity Gear.
  • New Empire Consumables.
  • Secondary objectives for nearly all repeatable quests with additional rewards.
  • Golden Ticket drop for high quality chests
  • Vanity Ticket to get more Vanity Island stuff.
  • "Crocodile Rampage"!?

More details and news will be released by AoEO July 25th.

This blog is based off of an announcement released by AoEO

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