We're excited to have the privilege to tell all AoEo fans out there about this coming Summer update Read more from the official announcement here.

Firstly, They are getting rid of Snare!

"It’s just not fun to see your units running like they’re moving through molasses, or to feel so completely helpless after making one little mistake." - AoEo staff.

Summary of the update:

Early Town Centers
One extra Town Center will be available per age instead of offering 3 at the Silver Age.

Egyptian Economy Fixed
Egyptian villagers will finally gather at the same rate as other civilizations.

Ranged Unit Dominance
Ranged units will be slowed down so that way other units have a chance to catch up and destroy them.

Snare will be removed!

Armory Techs and Stone
All unit combat upgrades will be offered at the Armory from now on instead of the barracks, stables, and other places.

Passive Star Techs
Passive Star Techs will be removed

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