Greetings fellow AoEo fans, Sadly I have the duty of informing you that the newest update has been Delayed. This is understandable because it is the biggest update they've ever released and is expected by their own reports to take 36 hours to update due to it's massive size. During the 36 hours of downtime they will be steaming some PvP on their test servers to show some new stuff that got changed. They might also show a quest or two to show off some new consumables.

Most excitingly they will be giving away codes for some ingame goodies! Keep watching for updates. They are planning on releasing a schedule in due time.

Everything below this text is from our old post:

Greetings everyone. Much like yourself, our excitement builds everyday as we look forward to the newest update being released in one week - 6/12/2012. Unfortunitely, excitement should be tempered by the news that the update has a 10% chance of being pushed back another week.

As most of you know this patch will be a huge change. The tech tree is being completely redone. Snare is being taken out of the game(except for spearman to use). Alliances will be released. New vanity items and gear will be released. Quite a few units are getting their stats changes. And with all these changes coming up most of us at the Wiki have decided to slow down our work until the update is released. It's not because there isn't work to be done though; Currently we are missing pages for several Celtic technologies, Our advisors could use some work, Units could be more fleshed out, and there is countless hours of other work to complete. With this newest update we will have to delete/redo all of our current technology pages. We will have to go over the stats of almost every unit in the game. We even have to start changing some images to use the new ones being released. Overall, we'll have months worth of work to do. With so many changes coming it seems pointless to add information to the wiki that we'll have to change in a weeks time. We're still excited for this huge patch to come out and we're looking forward to being your resource guide for all of the new information when it comes out.

Contest announced with prizes!

I'd like to encourage all of the editors and even those of you who haven't made a single edit ever to join us on release day. We need your help in posting all the new information that will be released! I will personally buy the user who does the most productive edits 1 civilization pack gifted through steam and 1 booster pack gifted through steam. Or if you choose I can gift you $15 over steam so you may use that money to buy another game.

See this page for full details on the contest

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