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    June 19, 2012 by Neoptolemnos

    Hello everyone,

    After wednesday afternoon, I will have literally no more worries at all, and I will be able to invest lots of time in Age of Empires Online and in the wiki. The next thing I will be working on are the consumables. I am not a miracle worker concerning programming, so maybe I will ask some of you for tips about the layout. My goal is to include all consumables - Free, Premium, old, new - in a clear table, with links to the individual items. I also want to make/edit those individual pages so that they have the exact same layout. I think it has a certain charm when it all looks taut. Warpaints and War Horns are also on their way. I hope to finish these things as soon as possible, because I want to drag the attention of as many p…

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  • Neoptolemnos

    My first post

    May 10, 2012 by Neoptolemnos

    Hello Wiki-contributors,

    I am glad that I can help to expand this wiki, as there is very much work yet to be done. I will need some help on how to make "Tooltips" for items pages though, and I have no idea how to add the first item to a category - for example "rare" - if there is no item in that category yet. Many other things to learn, but it'll all be fine. My goal is to make all item pages have the éxáct same look, unfortunately, I can't succeed in that yet, as I'm not very familiar with the templates and the previously mentioned "Tooltip"..... And I also wrote this post for wiki points :P



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