Hello everyone,

After wednesday afternoon, I will have literally no more worries at all, and I will be able to invest lots of time in Age of Empires Online and in the wiki. The next thing I will be working on are the consumables. I am not a miracle worker concerning programming, so maybe I will ask some of you for tips about the layout. My goal is to include all consumables - Free, Premium, old, new - in a clear table, with links to the individual items. I also want to make/edit those individual pages so that they have the exact same layout. I think it has a certain charm when it all looks taut. Warpaints and War Horns are also on their way. I hope to finish these things as soon as possible, because I want to drag the attention of as many players as possible to our wiki, instead of any other info-site. Same for the new players that started the game after the update: I want to represent good and up-to-date information. This is why I will also be changing the existing items to match the new naming in-game. (e.g. Melee-Cavalry Armor, Crush Armor).

Pfew, that's a lot of stuff to do, but it's not tedious.

I will be seeing you wednesday afternoon (UTC time)!

Neoptolemnos 08:27, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

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