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  • Omega5256

    Love for the NPCs

    April 2, 2012 by Omega5256

    I just played the celts and I am a little pissed! Problem is that they suck at PVP due to shitty gear. In PVE their pretty good mosly the Woad Raider (I love their abilities). They do feel undergeared to the point of madness. Why the F**K do the infantry have F*****G CLOTH ARMOR!!!! Everyone knows infantry gets medium, ranged cloth and cavalry light. Apperantly the Woad Raiders need their own equipment (Great Axe, War Paint, War Horn WTF!!) You guys can hate all you want but I say they dropped the ball on Celt Gear. The quests on the other hand are damn near PERFECT. The reason is the new devs have a new scenario editor allowing handmade maps and triggers in nearly all the quests. Before they made random maps and built from that. That's wh…

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  • Omega5256

    I'm Alive!!!!

    November 23, 2011 by Omega5256

    As you can see I am very much alive. I was on hiatus for a month due to me being preoccupied with Skyrim and such.

    The Sea People have gotten nothing of work other than a single page. I shit you not ONE PAGE. That is why I am going to work on them for the day.

    Don't worry my readers (all 4 of them), I wrote a lot of material in my time off. you can read the first one here.

    That is all.

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  • Omega5256

    Sorry for not making the End of the Beginning entry. I had good reasons.

    1.Don emailed me super late than expected. He was away the entire day.

    2.I too was doing shit ( by that I mean working on something very important)

    I'm literally using ALL my free time right now to write this post.

    Seriously, is ANYBODY reading this shit. I know Zenyatoo and KazMx(LONG LIVE HIS REIGN) read my entries a while ago but besides them Oghmanas and I are the only people who are long term in this wikia. Besides the occasional user who works for a few days and is never seen again there is LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE! Sure I haven't done much History stuff mostly because I'm working on The End of the Beginning (my fanfiction series). Even occasionally writing comments is g…

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  • Omega5256

    We gathered around the map of Troy. I listened to Agamemon as he spoke of the strategy we will use when we take a foothold.

    "As we are, we have taken sea but not the foothold we need. That is why I need you and your team to take a small boat and pave the way for us." I looked at the map thinking of a way to open up the coast.

    Brutus spoke up,"How about we blow it up. I just got a shipment of a type of powder that destroys all in a large radius if put on fire. I think the people I got it from call it gun-something." It always was him to forget something's name. Even if it meant life or death, not that it mattered for us.

    "We could use this powder you speak of to destoy the coastal towers. Problem is how to get away without anyone finding you."…

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  • Omega5256

    Today I plan to write the next installment of the series (which so far is going EPIC,Dare I say LEGENDARY). Anyway, stuff happens and other stuff happens ETC. The one after today's will have a drawing by the my awsome friend Don Nguyen.

    1.WOW Mists of Pandaria

    2.Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

    3. Diablo 3


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