Don't worry guys

Sorry for not making the End of the Beginning entry. I had good reasons.

1.Don emailed me super late than expected. He was away the entire day.

2.I too was doing shit ( by that I mean working on something very important)

I'm literally using ALL my free time right now to write this post.

I'm starting to think nobody is reading this

Seriously, is ANYBODY reading this shit. I know Zenyatoo and KazMx(LONG LIVE HIS REIGN) read my entries a while ago but besides them Oghmanas and I are the only people who are long term in this wikia. Besides the occasional user who works for a few days and is never seen again there is LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE! Sure I haven't done much History stuff mostly because I'm working on The End of the Beginning (my fanfiction series). Even occasionally writing comments is great (in my eyes) for the wikia.

Advice For New Users (YES YOU)

If you make a new account FOR F**K SAKE stay with the wikia. If you see a typo or something FIX IT, if someone put the wrong info in the wrong page FIX IT, if you have a cool idea (ex.Fanfiction) DO IT, and if no one made a page for a unit or something MAKE ONE. If it wasn't for us long term guys there would be NO WIKIA WHAT SO EVER only some random pages with no useful info. Hopefully some of you new guys reading this will grow some balls and do something to help the AOEO community. That is if ANYBODY IS READING THIS.

Seriously, comment or something to show I'm not going insane.

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