Web Diary Thingy

I have just awaken from my slumber and have an interesting idea for the diary thingy. I'm going to let the commenters decide between two characters as the protagonist.

  1. A sarcasmic, asshole, immortal mercenary who been around since the dawn of time.
  2. A sarcasmic, everday mercenary who just doesn't give a shit anymore of who he kills anymore.

So you evil husks of evil beings (TROLLS) and everyone else decide to take a sci-fi or historical fiction route.


I plan to fill in the emptyness of Egypt with envigorating history because without it we don't know what might happen ( but still do it anyway). By the way if you actually read my last post it said TRY so I might be half-assing it today.


I enjoy to ramble in the morning to increase my blood fow to my brain to increase productivity. For today I talk about Chariot Archers.

Why the hell do you make such a fast unit that no living thing can catch up to it. Seriously, Microsoft the hell is wrong with you. For some half-assed reason you nerf the scout. Come on, you have time to nerf the scout (which no one complanes about) but you don't have time to nerf the Chariot Archer (which EVERYONE is complaning about). Shame on you Microsoft. SHAME.

This is not trolling, it's constuctive critisism.

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