I just played the celts and I am a little pissed! Problem is that they suck at PVP due to shitty gear. In PVE their pretty good mosly the Woad Raider (I love their abilities). They do feel undergeared to the point of madness. Why the F**K do the infantry have F*****G CLOTH ARMOR!!!! Everyone knows infantry gets medium, ranged cloth and cavalry light. Apperantly the Woad Raiders need their own equipment (Great Axe, War Paint, War Horn WTF!!) You guys can hate all you want but I say they dropped the ball on Celt Gear. The quests on the other hand are damn near PERFECT. The reason is the new devs have a new scenario editor allowing handmade maps and triggers in nearly all the quests. Before they made random maps and built from that. That's why most Greek and Egyptian quest seem like the same thing every time.


I'm going to work on the Barbarians for a while (LONG LIVE NPC CIVS!). Then I'm going to the Badari and Followers of Autolycus.

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