Sup World,

As people reading my profile know my name's Byron(yes the same name of the rebelious, romantic poet Lord Byron). I mostly contribute history wise due to my (what "some people" call obsesive) love of military history. By the way if you're a hipster of any kind I hope you go back to whatever stinkhole you came from. Moving on, politics wise I'm what "some people" call a Punk(not the assholes who ruin your day, the politicly active ones who ruin your life if you ruin ours) and a fan of "nerdy" stuff (ex. Warhammer 40k, Dungeons and Dragons,etc.). Currently I plan to write a web novel(if you can call it that) and to hoard the history sections of future civilizations. Now the ball is in your court so comment away you evil,evil trolls of human beings(nice people who don't feed of other people's anger you're okay in my book, and that's a very small book).

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