End of Beginning Series Entry Tommorow

I have had this series in my head since I heard of Greek city-state warfare and cynical badasses. So I decided to combine the 2 together, making this series. I plan to make an entry EVERY SATURDAY, mostly because I have nothing to do and brainstorm during weekdays. Hopefully, I plan to make this a VERY long series spanning possible years (if the game lasts that long). I still haven't thought of a name for the main character (if you have a good name that fits to the time period please comment!).

"But Han you're Don Don will die out there!"

Don Nguyen(one of my many bros) is working on the drawing for a battle scene in a future entry(few weeks in). For the fans and Zenyatoo(my possibly only fan) I got present for you guys and gals.

That thing

Mid development drawing. By Don Nguyen(obviously)

If you happen to read the caption (because if you don't you're a bad person) it's in mid development(so shut up haters).

To ALL Readers

Remember to comment, just because you don't have a account doesn't mean you can't have a voice in the community(because without you guys this wiki wouldn't exist). You're voice MATTERS!! I do listen to people and am very flexible when it comes to creative ideas(if you have a good idea I will incorporate it and give you proper credit).

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