As I entered the temple, I saw her once more. The woman I have to kil to make everthing. Her face reminded me of a woman I loved long ago and the man who killed her. A man named Seculos, an old friend turned bad.

I didn't care who I worked for, as long as they had gold I'd kill for them. My job was simple, lead a team of immortal, like myself, and secretly aid the Greeks in their "rescue" of Helen. As I walked into the palace I heard his voice, Agamemnon.

"I hope you arrived safely".

"Obviously, now tell me who I have to kill and by when." I looked aound the room seeing gold and whores. Just like all my employers, only wanting more of what they already have.

"Who said anything about killing?" he said with a deceptive grin on his face.

"Look I kill, that's what I'm hired to do. Nothing more and nothing less, now if you don't need anything I'll be leaving now." As I turned away he called his guards on me. I did what I loved more than anything in the world, killing those who don't deserve life.

As the first man came at me with his spear, I was stabbed at the heart. I enjoyed the look on his face as he realized that I don't die so easily. So to make it easier, I slit his throat letting the blood spray on my face as he dropped to the ground. The second guard seeing what I had just done made a dash to my head. He died wiith my spear through his stomach as I raised the spear slicing him in half. I laughed as I remembered that these pathetic barbarians still used bronze.

As I turned back at Agamemnon, I saw his face in bewilderment looking at his, now former, guards on the floor. He looked back up to me, seeing my wounds disappear in front of his eyes.

"Does this mean I'm hired or will you be my next kill?", seeing the fear and respect on his face, I already knew the answer.

He responded, "You're hired".

And so began the End of the Beginning...

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