I entered the command room with suspicion. I saw others like me, some old friends other not.

"It's good to see you again my old friend." Brutus was an old friend of mine. Sure he had a bit of a complex when it came to power but, he always was companion to the end.

"I never thought of you as a mercenary Brutus. Did your lust for gold get the best of you?"I asked.

"No, I was contacted a while ago by Aga-something. He said you joined so I accepted his offer." Upon hearing this I realized that if Agamemnon hired Brutus and I, he probably hired others. That is until I saw the them.

"Who are these people?" not knowing who they were I reached for my sword.

"Relax my friend, these people are like us. Agamemnon hired them too." Even with my old friend's comment I kept my hand on my blade the entire meeting.

At that moment, He walked into the room.

"Who in the hell let HIM in!." I drew my sword and put it to His throat.

Agamemnon entered a second later, "Put down that sword or I will put it down for you!." I still don't know why I complied but I did.

"Why is He here" with my hand still on my sword.

"He is here to help in the team." He looked at Him with a dark grin.

"Ya, aren't we all one big happy family." He said with his eyes as dark and red like the Blood Moon.

Seculos had arrived...

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