We gathered around the map of Troy. I listened to Agamemon as he spoke of the strategy we will use when we take a foothold.

"As we are, we have taken sea but not the foothold we need. That is why I need you and your team to take a small boat and pave the way for us." I looked at the map thinking of a way to open up the coast.

Brutus spoke up,"How about we blow it up. I just got a shipment of a type of powder that destroys all in a large radius if put on fire. I think the people I got it from call it gun-something." It always was him to forget something's name. Even if it meant life or death, not that it mattered for us.

"We could use this powder you speak of to destoy the coastal towers. Problem is how to get away without anyone finding you." For a tyrant he was an intelligent tactian, even by my standards.

"I believe we can use cotton string to time it, but the operation has to perfect." I never was the man to organize perfectly, but for this we had to.

"It's agreed then, any resistance you find must be stopped. Every death there is another soldier we don't have to kill." For once, I agreed with this mad king.

All the while, Seculos was quite just looking. He always makes some sort of sadistic comment.

Looking back, I should have known he had a second reason for being here...

Other Stuff

Sorry for intuding in your reading frenzy. But I still have NO IDEA what to call the main character. So if you have a period appropiate name that sounds EPIC please comment. Other than that the next issue will have a drawing by the illustrious Don Nguyen. So... ya. I'll see you guys later.

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