Since I joined a few days ago I feel like the wiki has really made some good progress from where it was; we've cleaned up a lot of the unit pages (especially the Greek Units) and filled in correct data, and I think the units are definitely a lot better to look at.

Personally, I think that I am slowly but surely making progress in my personal goals. My first project that I was really dedicated to was revamping the Animals page, which, I understand, might seem like a small or unimportant project, but it was something that I was determined to do right. I think it's really been helpful to me in learning the ropes of the wiki and wikia format. I created my own Infobox Template for the individual Animals and I'm pretty happy with it, I think it covers all of the information well and, despite maybe not having the best color scheme, I do think it looks passable. The discovery of the units data file was really helpful because I was able to fill in accurate information for all of the animals, something that I saw as a necessity. Currently, all of the animals have full pages with interesting (at least I think so) flavor text. The only thing that is missing from a few of them is ingame pictures, which I should be able to obtain when power is restored to my house and I have access to my desktop again. The final thing is that I want to add a bit more information to the actual Animal page itself, but that isn't a priority. The Animal pages that are completely finished at the time of this post with pictures are:

All the others are finished but need pictures.

My other "project" was to revamp the Equipment page and its subpages and complete lists of pictures for each Equipment Slot subpage. I also ran into a problem where the equipment slots were labeled differently from what they were called ingame, so I was given permission to change the names of the pictures and pages so that they would work in templates and other things. I am still in the middle of the Equipment project, and was put off a bit by the fact that ingame a lot of the equipment has the same name but completely different levels and stats. I am hoping to run into a data file for the equipment so I can find out what's up with that and begin to make individual Equipment pages for the individual pieces. Something else that probably only matters to me is that I want to find out the actual color codes for the Uncommon, Rare, and Elite Equipment names so that I can use those in the wiki. I know this sounds overly fussy but its the only way that I will be okay with adding colors, they must be the exact ones that are used in the game, I'm a bit OCD about that stuff, even though it might not matter to anyone else. I also need to reformat the Bow page to be like the others. The Equipment pages that are finished at the time of this post with lists of items are:

The final thing that I am working on is the Units sections. In the last couple of days, and with access to the game files, a couple of the other editors and I have been working on cleaning up and correcting the information on most of the unit pages. I think the Greek Units are mostly squared away at this point, definitely usable by others in any case. The Egyptian Units were a bit messier, even missing a few pages, but I think we're making good progress on them too. Something that is important to me that I want to do is go back over all of the unit pages and add some more information about them that isn't just stats, such as strengths,weaknesses and strategies.

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