You guessed it, this time its the Babylonian Civilisation! They should now be up to date, in stats at the very least. but this time that's not all i have to say.

There is a question that is bothering me, perhaps you can help me out - the Babylonian Stone Wall upgrade improves by 125% while the other civs have a 10% boost. This leaves the Babylonian Walls with 2250 Health, and other walls at 3000 Health. Is that true, or have I made a mistake? you can go to the wall page and put it down under 'Note'.

I am aware of the 1% Internet Rule and I assume there are some people at least reading these blogs, or at least using the updated pages. However don't be afraid to be the 9% and make a comment! Some of the comments are extremely old and it would be refreshing to see some new ones. Otherwise people might really consider the game and wiki "dead".

Also remember to check out the official forums , and join in the Wololol Wednesday !! For those interested there is a Scrubfest sign-ups - if you are a intermediate player and you would like some feedback on PvP sign up and i'll see if i can match you with someone of similar skill. Just participating will earn you 10, 000 coins, but there's only room for 2!

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