Bear with me, there's a lot(both content and links) to get through!

PvP Season #3 is almost over, click here for the latest updates!

For you Wololo fans, its gotten a few changes recently: check here for the latest one and its revamped prizes and vote for those who you think should be winners here!

If you've noticed the lack of PvP Tips recently, don't fret! IamPREZSTEVE will announce the winners of the PvP Tip Contest this Friday! Keep an eye out for them on the official forums!

To those who love making their Capital City look nice, the Persian Wonder "The Gate of all Nations" is on discount - that's 375 EP off! Do note however that there is a bug where you can't purchase discounted items unless you have the EP to purchase it without a discount (you will only lose the said EP though). So you will need 750 EP to purchase the Wonder, but will only lose 375 EP. Also without a development team, this will unlikely ever be fixed.

Also the recent Community Challenge is now on the | offical Age of Empires Twitch Channel, so check out those exciting games! If you're interested in participating, the sign-ups are posted on Saturdays. When they do come out, make a reply to the thread with a clear indication you wish to sign-up. You can see what its like | here Winners will get 900 EP, a piece of Legendary Gear or a set of Seasonal Vanity Gear, while losers get 100 EP (which is still quite a lot).

Finally I encourage you to, if you aren't already, play Age of Empires Online! Don't forget to lurk on the official forums too!

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