• XsR666

    Hi there fellow editor's !

    I'd like to give you guy's a heads up regarding my activity for the next week.

    Since the temperatures outside are high, I'm going to spend alot of my time outside this upcoming week.

    I have a 3 years old that wants to play football / go get ice-cream.

    So we will be enjoying the hot summer air, outside !

    I'll pop in now and then to keep updating, but just not as much as regular.


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  • XsR666


    May 2, 2012 by XsR666

    So, I have being updating this wiki for quite a bit.

    But we are far from finished.

    If we only had a few more hands on deck it would make a difference.

    There is potential for this wiki to become the leading source of information for Age of Empires - Online.

    We are a stone-throw away from achieving it !

    We will get there, i am confident... The question is when !

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