• Zenyatoo

    First impression - Wow they want you to pay money for this bullshit?

    Second impression - No really, holy shit what?

    Played the demo quest. I am not impressed at all. They've got a bunch of neat looking advisor units (which you dont get to try out) One of which looks hilariously overpowered (strong vs infantry AND buildings. It's a soma but better) Of course you dont get to try those.

    The immortals are lackluster, they have a "tank" unit which still comes off as worse than a hoplite. The magi are just greek priests (same heal and conversion rate, dont do anything else special) The war wagon seems pretty abysmal, for a siege unit it's pretty shit tier at taking out buildings, and against infantry it's nothing special. Their first siege unit is …

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  • Zenyatoo

    Jeez kaz how did you do it

    October 13, 2011 by Zenyatoo

    Noticed that there was no wiki for the game im a GM of (Dekaron Evolution) so I decide to create one.

    About halfway through adding the damage values for the second weapon I gave the fuck up.

    Too much work.

    How did you stand the monotomy, and the finickiness of making a wiki Kaz, inquiring minds wish to know.

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  • Zenyatoo

    A step by step guide!

    1. Do legendary quest

    2. spend the better part of an hour-2hours fighting bulls**t elite units that have no real weaknesses

    3. open the guardian treasures

    4. get 14 stone, 11 animal hides and 13 copper ingots

    5. rage hard

    6. turn in quest

    7. get a paltry amount of money (unless its marion)

    8. open reward chests

    9. 2 level 40 GREEN items


    But no really. Who the f**k came up with the drop charts for legendary quests? They need to suck a giant d**k. Common mats. F**KING COMMON MATS? from the 9K hp guardian chests? Bulls**t. And greens? GREENS from the reward chests? These are LEGENDARY quests. You cant do them without premium (I think at least). You probably arent attempting them without epic gear. Dont f…

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  • Zenyatoo


    October 2, 2011 by Zenyatoo

    I noticed Omega is going around adding a bunch of History to the pages

    A. awesome.


    B. Shall we include a History page linking to all pages that have history? Much in the same way we have a trivia page. (

    Thoughts? It would be easy to do, but I dont know if you guys think it needed.

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  • Zenyatoo

    Dupers and Duped items

    September 13, 2011 by Zenyatoo

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up assuming you havent been ingame recently and seen for yourself.

    Recently someone figured out a way to dupe, or duplicate, items in their inventory, they told a bunch of people, who as you might have guess went right on to duplicating, Moe's, epic edges, sacks of coins ETC.

    Now what this means for you is A. The economy is really screwed up right now and B. those of you who were looking to buy a moes, epic edges, or any other rare item should be careful. I would strongly suggest you dont buy Epic/rare items like that from other players for at least a week. From my understanding, each item has it's own ID code, duped items all have the same ID code as the original, this means that microsoft can tell which…

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