Just wanted to give everyone a heads up assuming you havent been ingame recently and seen for yourself.

Recently someone figured out a way to dupe, or duplicate, items in their inventory, they told a bunch of people, who as you might have guess went right on to duplicating, Moe's, epic edges, sacks of coins ETC.

Now what this means for you is A. The economy is really screwed up right now and B. those of you who were looking to buy a moes, epic edges, or any other rare item should be careful. I would strongly suggest you dont buy Epic/rare items like that from other players for at least a week. From my understanding, each item has it's own ID code, duped items all have the same ID code as the original, this means that microsoft can tell which items are dupes, even though you cant.

I suspect microsoft will eventually remove the duped items from the game. Which means if you bought one without knowing it, you stand to lose all your money. Or even worse, get banned for having a duped item.

Until then I suggest you simply dont buy a moe/epic edge/any other rare blueprint/recipe if it looks as though the other player has been duping them (selling large quantities, or selling them for a crazy low price)

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