First impression - Wow they want you to pay money for this bullshit?

Second impression - No really, holy shit what?

Played the demo quest. I am not impressed at all. They've got a bunch of neat looking advisor units (which you dont get to try out) One of which looks hilariously overpowered (strong vs infantry AND buildings. It's a soma but better) Of course you dont get to try those.

The immortals are lackluster, they have a "tank" unit which still comes off as worse than a hoplite. The magi are just greek priests (same heal and conversion rate, dont do anything else special) The war wagon seems pretty abysmal, for a siege unit it's pretty shit tier at taking out buildings, and against infantry it's nothing special. Their first siege unit is a battering ram (read: useless).

They've got a lot of units, and the only ones that struck me as decent are the cavalry. all around warrior (read: direct copy of the hippikon) and the cata whatever which is good vs infantry I guess?

Oh they also have a their own version of the chariot archer, except it's good against infantry, and has more health (from what I saw) Oh and it's also a unique so you dont get to try it out either.

all of these units, and at the end of the day, the things that got me through the demo mission (literally cake walked me through it) were the palintonons. As in, those siege units everyone has. I made 2. They literally didnt even take damage as I would just set up out of range, siege, move forward a tad more, siege, and so on until demo was over.

For starters

A. in a demo quest we should probably get to try out all the units, not just the non unique ones

B. dont make a bunch of units, and not have a single one worth using over the palins for the demo, that doesnt make me want to buy it.

C. As far as I can tell you actually HAVE to buy persians? You cant seem to make a non-premium persian. That seems pretty damn greedy.

D. dont make a demo quest showing off the units be about killing buildings. Especially not when their siege units all seem to blow horribly besides the palintonon

/end rant

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