A step by step guide!

1. Do legendary quest

2. spend the better part of an hour-2hours fighting bulls**t elite units that have no real weaknesses

3. open the guardian treasures

4. get 14 stone, 11 animal hides and 13 copper ingots

5. rage hard

6. turn in quest

7. get a paltry amount of money (unless its marion)

8. open reward chests

9. 2 level 40 GREEN items


But no really. Who the f**k came up with the drop charts for legendary quests? They need to suck a giant d**k. Common mats. F**KING COMMON MATS? from the 9K hp guardian chests? Bulls**t. And greens? GREENS from the reward chests? These are LEGENDARY quests. You cant do them without premium (I think at least). You probably arent attempting them without epic gear. Dont f**king even have common drops in the loot tables for the chests.

And then ofc I see a guy who got a legendary training scroll from the exact same quest, and even though its a horrible item that no one should ever use (+44.5% train time, WTF) it's going for 25K

/end rant

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