Ok so I tried just adding some stats to those info box things, and I totally broke it. So undid that. And yeah, not gonna mess with that anymore. If someone who can add them without breaking things wants to go ahead and be awesome and do that

War Elephant :

initial hp: 1450

Train time: 27 seconds

Speed: 9

Damage: 20

Sight range: 20

And if im reading it right, damage vs buildings and siege has a 3.0 multiplier

Elite Elephant (which is to say, armored elephant):

initial hp: 1398 (yeah weird. Dont ask me)

Train time: 30 seconds

Speed: 6

Damage: 18

Sight: 20

cost: 300food, 200gold

and if im reading this right a whopping 6.0 multiplier vs buildings, and 3.0 vs siege.

Also there's a line in here that has like ranged armor .5 or something? (Armor type ='Ranged' value ='0.5000)

Khopesh Swordsman

Initial hp: 336

train time: 3.9

speed: 4.5

damage: 12

Sight: 20

Bonus vs infantry = 2.0

Priest of Ptah:

initial hp: 300

Train time: 20 seconds

speed: 4.5

damage: 50 damage (lolwut? Its in here as his melee attack vs huntable or something

sight: 18

Healing: 30 (I guess that's per second?) with a range of 15

convert: 12 (I guess that's seconds for a conversion) with a range of 6 (notably it has 3 different conversion statistics for infantry, cavalry, and siege, all 12 seconds.)

cost: 200 gold

Just a few stats for units we were missing (whose pages actually exist) If anyone has requests for stuff im sure I can find it.

Oh and kaz/someone knowledgeable, can you doublecheck that I fixed what I broke on regards to the template boxes (or whatever those scary things are, with the numbers and the brackets and the |'s and such)

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