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War Effort Collector exchanges Material for Alliance Points. Please note that the War Effort Collector will neither accept epic materials nor rare advanced materials. This is a list:

Image Name Rarity Items needed AlliancePoint Alliance Points
PinePlanks Pine Planks Common 1000 5
StoneBlocks Stone Blocks Common 1000 5
AnimalHides Animal Hides Common 1000 5
CopperIngots Copper Ingots Common 1000 5
Grain icon Grain Common 1000 5
Oak planks icon Oak Planks Uncommon 300 4
Granite blocks icon Granite Blocks Uncommon 300 4
Leather icon Leather Uncommon 300 4
BronzeIngots Bronze Ingots Uncommon 300 4
Olive oil icon Olive Oil Uncommon 300 4
Garnet icon Garnets Uncommon 150 5
WorkToolsMaterial Work Tools Uncommon 150 5
ResinVials Resin Vials Uncommon 150 5
Wool cloth icon Wool Cloth Uncommon 150 5
Scroll of lore icon Scrolls of Lore Uncommon 150 5
Ebony planks icon Ebony Planks Rare 50 4
ConcreteBlocks Concrete Blocks Rare 50 4
Fine leather icon Fine Leather Rare 50 4
IronIngots Iron Ingots Rare 50 4
Spices icon Spices Rare 50 4
Gemstones icon Gemstones Rare 50 4

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