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War Elephant
Egyptian Cavalry Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Damage TypeCavalry
Attack RangeMelee
Splash Area3
Hit Points1660
Sight Range20
Train Time23 sec
Trained/Built fromFortress (Egyptian)
Food 300 Wood 0 Gold 75 Population 4
Armor vs. ranged0.30
Bonus vs. siege3.0
Bonus vs. buildings3.0
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The War Elephant is an Egyptian Melee Cavalry Unit in Age of Empires Online.



In-game War Elephant

Striking fear into the hearts of its enemies, the mighty War Elephant deals massive area damage to those who oppose it.

Equipment SlotsEdit



The War Elephant was a rider mounted on a elephant in a military role. Before, being used in battle the Bull(male elephant) would be captured in the wild and tamed to serve it's military purpose. When matured it would be paired with a rider, added armor, and sent to the front lines. For armor they would put either cloth or metals depending on the situation. Because the elephant could withstand a line of spears, unlike horses, it was favored for breaking enemy lines. Later, they would add archers, artillery, or supplies using the elephant as the carrier.


 *It does splash damage to units in roughly a 120-degree arc in front of it.

  • To reduce damage from an elephant keep your units slightly apart.
  • As an Egyptian player look out for enemy priests which might be trying to convert your elephants
  • As Elephants are extremely tanky, fast as well as having a crush attack with a multiplier against building, they make good units for raiding
War Elephant Destroying Siege

Elephants showing their force by tackling elite siege with relative ease

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