Warehouses allow you to store items. Warehouses range in size from 8 slots to 20 slots. The items in a warehouse are carried over from instanced match to instanced match. All cities are given one 16-slot warehouse upon beginning their Empire. This counts toward the 2 or 5 Warehouse limit, and the starting warehouse cannot be packed up to Blueprints or otherwise removed.

Regardless of size, all players are limited to a maximum of 5 warehouses (2 for Free Players).

The name of the warehouse are often puns of something that relates to the civilization.

How to UpgradeEdit

You have 3 options if all 5 warehouse slots are full, and you are otherwise able to place a larger warehouse. You will need to empty the warehouse you want to replace, and have at least one spare slot in another warehouse to hold the removed warehouse when you pack it up to Blueprint. You will also need to have the required materials to build your new warehouse.

  • Option 1: You can sell items (allegedly up to 10), replace a warehouse, then repurchase your items.
  • Option 2: If you have more then 10 slot warehouse, you can mail items to yourself using the Embassy, then replace the warehouse.
  • Option 3: Trade items to a trusted friend's account, and reclaim them once your larger warehouse is placed.

Known WarehousesEdit

Size Celtic Egyptian Greek Persian Babylonian Norse
8 slot Storehenge Ra's Basement Storstufacium Inventorxes Baldurstash
12 slot Hallstuff Storecophagus Storagorium Cachendane Lokeep
16 slot Vercingestorage Ma' Terials' Tomb Mostoragorium Perstockolis Vaulthalla
20 slot Boudicca's Bounty King Tut's Attic Lotastuffopolis Repersiatory Storagnarok